Ritual Mornings

Why Participate in Rituals Every Morning?

At some point, most of us have experienced crawling out of bed in the morning only to drudge our way through the day. This might be how you feel right now. It’s the plight of the modern human: work, stress, create, parent, feel anxious and fearful, toss a few too many drinks back at night, or whatever it might be. We don’t always wake up naturally and feeling great. We may be dreading whatever it is we are waking up to, or feeling sad about a relationship, or simply unaware and robotic about our life.  

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t choose to start the day and work with and through whatever the experience is. We can. You can choose to  set the tone and get yourself prepared and focused for the unexpected joys and challenges each day offers. A quality morning ritual offers help and has the potential to transform your day.  

In comes The Drew Method morning ritual. A ritual is an action or series of actions and behaviors done regularly by an individual or group of individuals. It can become a journey to freedom in your mind, body, and senses. It can breathe life into the challenges, struggles, and the  mundane. Whether we acknowledge it or not, rituals are already a large part of our everyday life. You may wake up and brush your teeth, check the news, and shower. Each activity is a ritual. So, ask yourself, are your current ‘rituals’ bringing health, joy, a sense of aliveness, and waking you to the present moment? The Drew Method introduces a ritual morning that has the opportunity, if given the chance, to liberate and transform your life each and every day. 

The Drew Method uses 4 rituals that STRUCTURE and ORGANIZE your morning. This structure will activate your body, your mental alertness, and your senses, making you more present, more active, and more  engaged to start the day. You will learn new challenging skills which may bring discomfort but will guide you to be actively present to your body and environment. I believe you’ll see your daily experiences with new eyes and fresh focus. If you’re willing to put in the time, you’ll reap the benefits.

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