I was recently asked, “What moments are a part of you?
How do they put breath in your body?”

I suppose all moments are part of me.
But I miss most at the same time.
It’s a challenge to be here, in this moment, but a worthwhile practice. One I come back to now.
And now.
And now.

It’s those moments.
The sun on my wintered pale skin that put breath in my body.
The moist paint on my skin as I miss the target with the brush.
The rock stuck in my heel coupled with the “oh shit”, that comes from my mouth.
That was just today.

It’s the cold river that puts life in my skin.
Fuels my passion.
Gives me joy in this moment.
I dread it.
I desire it.
I seek it.

It’s the skin of my wife.
The touch of her hand.
The feel of her lips.

In this moment.
It’s the wine in my veins.
The fire near my skin.
Longmire on the screen.

The coyotes howling under the low hanging, mostly full moon.
It’s Epic.

Being able to notice, in the moment, gives life, gives me breath.
It is life.

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