Mindful Coffee

Many of us enjoy a cup of coffee each day, maybe multiple cups.
In fact, worldwide, about 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed each day.

How many of those cups are enjoyed mindfully? I’d imagine only a small percentage.

Mindful coffee is not only the ability to pay attention to the process of brewing and consuming coffee from start to finish, but to be aware in each moment to the bodily sensations happening.

It’s paying attention to the space in which you brew.
To the shiny or dull equipment used.
To the sound of the coffee grinding.
To the feelings experienced in your body.
To the tastes offered.
To the smells released.
It’s feeling the warmth of the cup in your hands.
The warmth of the liquid as it rolls around in your mouth.
The depth of flavor profile as it changes temperature from hot to cool.
It’s noticing your ramped up heart rate and the spike of energy in your veins.
It’s the awareness of all the senses.
In the moment.

Mindful coffee is the complete embodiment of the whole coffee experience.

It takes an everyday, mundane, and normal experience and brings you hyper aware of it.

Imagine practicing this more often.
Maybe allow this idea to spill over into other daily activities.

Imagine being more aware as you walk to work.
Noticing your steps, the birds, the colors, the people, the sounds, the sun or wind on your skin.

Imagine having dinner with your loved ones.
Noticing their facial expressions, their tone of voice, their eyes, their smiles, and being grounded in your presence with them.

Imagine tasting every bite of food intently, enjoying each note in the glass of wine along with the shine of the glass.

Imagine driving, typing, talking, listening, playing, dancing, bathing, and moving about the day with this hyper awareness.

Pay attention and then be aware while in the moment.

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