About Drew

Drew is a teacher and guide. From public to Montessori to homeschooling. From barista to roaster and trainer to cafe owner.

But the doing, the action, the participating in the things of life are what make Drew alive. From home coffee roasting to exploring the effects of cold water on the body, he’d rather do it than hear about it.

Drew's Experiences

That’s why The Drew Method came to be. Playing around with a variety of rituals in the morning led him to a tried and true practice. One that he could do on the best of days or the worst of days. It became his daily ritual and he’s sharing it in hopes that it’ll help others have a better morning too. It’s something he cares deeply about, and it is well within the grasp of anyone interested and willing to DO rather than simply learn about. 

With a passion for the human experience and a desire to help others experience each day deeply, Drew offers this method with hope.

Mindful Movements

Level 2 Certified in MovNat, a natural movement physical training system, which trains in real-world natural movements such as crawling, jumping, balancing, vaulting, and climbing.

Guided Meditations

Trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Meditation has had a strong centering effect and continues to offer up the possibilities of living in each moment more fully. Living in the moment is the work of a lifetime.

Cold Water Immersion

Beginning as a hobby of searching out beautiful lakes to explore, to a daily ritual. I have trained my body to plunge into the ice cold lakes of Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. No matter what my day is offering, I don’t miss the cold water immersion whether it’s a lake dip or cold shower. It. Is. Life. Giving.

Coffee Experience

Coffee has been my life, my passion, my business. From barista to management, to roaster and owner. I appreciate coffee more than most beverages, and notice new features nearly each time I brew a cup.