Mindful Coffee

Many of us enjoy a cup of coffee each day, maybe multiple cups.In fact, worldwide, about 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed each day. How many of those cups are enjoyed mindfully? I’d imagine only a small percentage. Mindful coffee is not only the ability to pay attention to the process of brewing and …

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I was recently asked, “What moments are a part of you?How do they put breath in your body?” I suppose all moments are part of me.But I miss most at the same time.It’s a challenge to be here, in this moment, but a worthwhile practice. One I come back to now.And now.And now. It’s those …

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Ritual Mornings

Why Participate in Rituals Every Morning? At some point, most of us have experienced crawling out of bed in the morning only to drudge our way through the day. This might be how you feel right now. It’s the plight of the modern human: work, stress, create, parent, feel anxious and fearful, toss a few …

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