The Drew Method Course

The Drew Method uses 4 rituals to STRUCTURE and ORGANIZE your morning routine. The commitment takes approximately 20 to 40 minutes.


Course Description

The Drew Method Course is the morning routine that structures, organizes, and guides you into a better day. In this course, you will go from feeling tired, sluggish, unaware, stressed and anxious to feeling ENERGIZED, FOCUSED, ALERT, AWARE, MORE MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY TOUGH, CALMER, and LESS REACTIVE. Overall, you’ll experience a BETTER and more PRESENT morning.

Who is this course for?

The person who is sick of dragging their ass out of bed only to drag through the day. 

Who is stressed, depressed, or anxious.

Who is allowing life to pass them by while being unconscious and unaware to the moments in the day. 

Who is tired and sluggish.

Who lacks focus and drive. 

Who reacts poorly to situations in their day.

This course is for anyone who wants to thrive each morning and be more aware of their life.  


What others are saying


"I may still roll out of bed, totally spent from the previous day’s dad duties, work and normal day to day tasks, but with The Drew Method, I wake with purpose and direction. And I’m reminded of that with each well structured ritual. I move, and I sense my body stretching to meet the new day. I reflect, preparing myself for whatever the day brings, while also calming my mind and relishing a quiet moment that is uniquely mine. I face the dread of a cold shower or dip, and I’m painfully yet joyfully reminded that I get to do this. And it’s here that I feel truly alive, ready for a cup of coffee - no matter how badly I make it. It’s meaningful. And I feel connected to other DM members, knowing their own morning is filled with a similar routine. Simple concepts, yet paired together with solid coaching and guidance from Drew. His teaching is patient and clear and caring. It takes commitment, but I wouldn’t have it any other way."
"One of the things I loved about the Drew Method is the simplicity of the rituals. You can do all of these right from your own home. I also love the main theme of each ritual bringing people to the present moment. Too many people live in a state of regretting the past and worrying about the future. These rituals force you to be present which can reduce the unnecessary anxiety that we all carry and will enhance overall health. I loved the videos. I'm a visual learner and so to simply watch the movements, and even how to move into the freezing shower face first is helpful! All of these rituals will definitely help those who struggle to be motivated and who need a morning routine. However it is also helpful to people like me who have a morning routine but adds so many benefits to what I'm already doing. Thanks Drew for all the hard work you put into this. It can and will help so many people!"
Why Should you take it


Mindful Movement Benefits

Guided Meditation Benefits

Cold Water Immersion Benefits

Mindful Coffee Benefits

The Drew Method System

(a $200 Value)

You’ll get a structured step by step path to a better morning routine. Included in this course, you’ll receive videos and pdf guides on how to structure your morning routine in order to be fully present and prepared for each day.

Once the course begins, you’ll receive access to a new Module each Monday for 4 weeks. Each week offers step-by-step guidance with new movements, guided meditations, step-by-step cold water immersion options, and mindful coffee brewing training. By the end of the 4 weeks, you’ll be the master of your own morning routine, and living A BETTER MORNING.

Lessons Included:


Guided mindfulness meditation scan.

Start your day by putting your bodily awareness front and center.

Have Any Questions?


Not at all. An indoor cold shower is absolutely fine. However, in my opinion, re-connecting to the outdoors makes the soul happy, therefore, dipping in cold water outside, or having an outdoor shower just enhances the cold water experience by being in nature.
Absolutely. The deeper point around the Mindful Coffee Experience is to be mindful of the mundane experiences of life. If you are into tea, or bone broth, or hot chocolate, use that as the activity to be hyper-mindful of the preparation experience. These mindful experiences will hopefully begin to spill over into other mundane experiences in life such as driving, food prep, teeth brushing, washing dishes, or any other activity. The goal is to be more present and aware in each moment.
Not a problem. Some of the movements have small adaptations that’ll allow you to slowly, over time, progress into the movement. Here, the idea is to begin moving in more natural ways to awaken your body and get your breathe moving and heart rate up.

No worries, same here. The reason I’ve found success with Mindfulness Meditation, is because you’re not trying to get anywhere, or force an experience, or become a specific person. The simple, yet challenging goal is to be aware in the moment to what is. For example, when we pay attention to hearing, the goal is to become aware of hearing the sounds in your environment. That’s it, not looking for sounds, or creating sounds, but simply noticing what is already there. This then spills over into noticing sounds throughout your day and life. It’s about becoming more aware to each moment of the day and to what is. And from my experience, we can all become more aware to each moment in our lives so we don’t wake up and realize we missed our life.

Of course not, but I believe the benefits can be more pronounced when done outside in nature, even in the mud, rain, snow, or wind. Get outside and experience the grass, sun, rain, cold, trees, sounds, smells, or other sensations to enhance the experience.
Haha, well….. yes, if you’d like to. You can participate in the Mindful Coffee Experience with the Keurig, but will miss out on some of the sensations that come with grinding, brewing, boiling, and pouring your morning coffee, but it is definitely possible. If the Keurig is your jam, don’t let that stop you from participating in The Drew Method. That K-cup is gonna taste extra special after you’re done with TDM.
It’s best to do it as much as possible to gain the benefits, but do what works for you. If it’s Monday, Wednesday, Friday that works, do that. Or seven days a week, do that. Make this your Method.

If you don’t have coffee equipment, you may want to invest in that. But for the rest, you can use common household materials to perform most if not all of The Drew Method. My goal has been to make this easy for anyone to do. You can go crazy and buy a cold dip bin or pool and an espresso machine, or simply use the shower you have and the pot you own to make coffee.