The Drew Method

Each day you wake up and make choices. Choose to take ownership of your day. To pay attention to each experience. To lean into each moment. Because the present is all you have.


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The Drew Method Course

The Drew Method uses 4 rituals to STRUCTURE and ORGANIZE your morning routine. The commitment takes approximately 20 to 40 minutes.

Ritual Movement

Our bodies are meant to move, and we’ve become accustomed to moving very little, at least not in very natural ways. In fact, many of us get out of bed only to sit in a chair to eat, and then sit in a car to go to work, and then sit in another chair to work and so on. We are now moving less than ever.

Ritual Meditation

The morning ritual meditation is a guided awareness exercise into being present in each moment. Mindfulness meditation is a way of being in the world. The goal is to have an awareness of your experience from moment to moment.

Ritual cold water immersion

Cold water immersion may be the most challenging of the rituals, but also may provide the most immediate awakening effect, focus, awareness, and mental toughness.

Ritual Coffee Experience

The first 3 rituals are embodied, they are deeply physical. In ritual 4, you’ll bring those learned awareness skills to the task of coffee brewing. Coffee brewing offers a good opportunity to practice being fully present and aware in a mundane daily activity.

What others are saying

For anyone looking to jumpstart their sense of being alive, for living fully and deeply in the here and now, I highly recommend The Drew Method. It is a path of awakening. If you are longing to turn the mundane into the magical experience of whole hearted living, do this.

– Rainier Wylde